Child Custody Chicago

Child custody Chicago





Child custody Chicago – Illinois is a confusing topic for many clients. Under Illinois courts determine child custody in accordance with the best interests of the child. The court will consider all relevant factors including:

(1) the wishes of the child’s parent or parents as to his custody;
(2) the wishes of the child as to his custodian;
(3) the interaction and interrelationship of the child with his parent or parents, his
siblings and any other person who may significantly affect the child’s best interest;
(4) the child’s adjustment to his home, school and community;
(5) the mental and physical health of all individuals involved;
(6) the physical violence or threat of physical violence by the child’s potential
custodian, whether directed against the child or directed against another person;
(7) the occurrence of ongoing or repeated abuse as defined in Section 103 of the
Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986, whether directed against the child or directed
against another person;
(8) the willingness and ability of each parent to facilitate and encourage a close and
continuing relationship between the other parent and the child;
(9) whether one of the parents is a sex offender; and
(10) the terms of a parent’s military family care plan that a parent must complete
before deployment if a parent is a member of the United States Armed Forces who
is being deployed.

A parent not granted custody of the child is entitled to reasonable visitation rights unless the court finds, after a hearing, that visitation would endanger seriously the child’s physical, mental, moral or emotional health.

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