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Chicago CPA and tax attorney Brian J. Thompson prepares personal and business income tax returns.

Chicago CPA
Chicago CPA

Personal Income Taxes

Claim all of the income tax deductions that you legally qualify for and minimize your federal income tax bill.   Federal tax laws are complex so work with a Chicago CPA to file your income tax returns each year.

Business Income Taxes

When you run a business, the general rule is all ordinary and reasonable business expenses are tax deductible.  However, the details of the tax laws are complicated.    Therefore, I work with businesses to minimize their tax bills.

Chicago CPA Fees?

How much does a Chicago CPA charge for personal and business tax return preparation? The cost of income tax return preparation generally depends upon which tax forms and schedules are necessary.  My prices are competitive with other Chicago CPAs and Chicago CPA firms.  I am an experienced tax professional.

Check IRS Balance Owed

Individual taxpayers can check how much they owe the IRS and the balance due by tax year with this IRS website tool:

Pay IRS Online

If you want to pay the IRS online from your bank account or with your credit card or debit card:

Past Due Income Tax Returns

Finally, federal law provides that the IRS may assess a penalty if a taxpayer fails to file, fails to pay or both.  If you do not file your income tax returns by the due date, you may face a failure-to-file penalty.  In addition, if you do not pay the income taxes due by the due date, you could face a failure-to-pay penalty.  For more information on IRS penalties, visit

Tax law is complex.  Therefore, contact Chicago CPA and attorney Brian J. Thompson for a free, initial consultation via phone or email.

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