Chicago Divorce Lawyer

Chicago Divorce Lawyer

Chicago divorce lawyer Brian J. Thompson represents parties in divorce and family law matters in the Chicago area.  Whether your case concerns property settlement, alimony (spousal maintenance) or child support, retain an experienced divorce lawyer.  Divorce can involve a number of complicated emotional, legal and financial issues. Please contact this Chicago divorce lawyer for a free, initial phone consultation.

Divorce Tax Planning

In addition, divorces often present tax issues related to the equitable distribution of marital property, the tax basis of property received from a former spouse pursuant to marital settlement agreement, spousal maintenance, child support, federal income taxes, and past due federal income tax returns.

Therefore, I address these issues with clients and seek to conserve marital and separate assets.  I also seek to minimize state and federal income taxes whenever possible.  As both a Chicago CPA and an attorney, I can assist clients with divorce tax issues and financial planning.   If you have divorce-related tax issues, please contact me.

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