Illinois Paternity

Illinois Paternity

Illinois Paternity or Parentage – Unmarried fathers and mothers have the same parental rights as married couples. In order to enforce your rights, you must first establish paternity of your child. In Illinois, this is done with a DNA test if there is any question of parentage.

Parentage or paternity cases involve a subset of divorce issues. In addition to the child’s paternity, these cases deal with child custody, visitation, child support, childcare expenses and health insurance coverage. These issues are generally addressed in a written joint parenting agreement between the mother and father and approved by the court.

What if your child’s father refuses to pay child support and childcare expenses?

Mothers usually file paternity cases in order to get a court order directing the child’s father to pay child support and help with childcare expenses.

What if my child’s mother won’t allow me to visit my child?

Fathers usually file a paternity after the mother has refused to allow them to visit the child.

What if your child’s mother or father wants to leave the state with the child?

Once parental rights are established, your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend can’t remove your child from Illinois without permission from you or a court. I can represent you in your removal hearing.