Tax Relief Help

IRS Tax Relief Help

IRS tax relief help from a Chicago tax attorney and CPA.  I will investigate your tax matters, evaluate your alternatives, file your unfiled tax returns, and guide you the resolution process.  Tax relief help usually takes the form of an installment agreement or an offer in compromise.

IRS Installment Agreement

An IRS tax relief agreement a/k/a IRS installment agreement permits the taxpayer to pay his full federal tax debt in installments.

IRS tax relief help




Installment Agreement Fees

In addition, the IRS charges a setup fee for installment agreements. The IRS raised its fees for installment agreements and offers in compromise. Effective January 1, 2014, the Internal Revenue Service increased the processing fees for standard installment agreements from $105 to $120 and doubt as to collectability offers in compromise from $150 to $186.  The fees for a direct debit installment agreement remains unchanged at $52.

Offer in Compromise

In addition to the installment agreement, the IRS Fresh Start Program allows taxpayers relief from tax debt.  An offer in compromise allows a taxpayer to settle tax debt for less than the full amount owed.

Finally, IRS tax resolution begins with my analysis of your current tax debts.  Therefore, please contact Chicago tax attorney and CPA Brian J. Thompson.