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Premarital agreements




Are you looking for a Chicago divorce lawyer to draft an Illinois premarital agreement? We draft and negotiate prenuptial agreements (premarital agreements) on behalf of parties contemplating marriage. Premarital agreements allow couples getting married to develop an economic plan for the end of their marriage. Premarital agreements do not indicate that the parties expect the marriage to end in divorce. Rather, premarital agreements represent a recognition that all marriages will end, either by death or divorce.

The Illinois Uniform Premarital Agreement Acts allows parties to enter premarital agreements that can establish almost any financial arrangement agreed to by the parties (with the exception of child support and child custody issues), and may be used to protect non-marital property (i.e., assets acquired before marriage or during marriage via separate gift or inheritance), protect the inheritance of children from a prior marriage, protect an interest in an on-going business, and to avoid or minimize costly litigation when a marriage ends by death or divorce.

If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Chicago or the Chicago suburbs who can explain the proper scope of premarital agreement and types of provisions that may be properly included in a premarital agreement, please contact me.

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